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Feeling vs Thinking

November 9, 2013

The longest journey that a man must take is the eighteen inches between his head to his heart ~ Mother Teresa

By being in this Matrix we are connected with our brains to this Matrix. And because of the conditioning from birth most of us use a small percentage of the left brain instead of 100% (combination of left and right). We keep running in circles if we don’t look within and ‘think’ we understand everything and have a clear vision of the world we live in. How do we know we only use a small percentage of our brain and not 100% ? We only know the moment we wake up and use the full capacity of the brain. It’s like someone having poor eyesight, but still believes to see 100%. They don’t know what they don’t see.

Because we are living in the end days of duality it’s funny to notice people contradict themselves in the same sentence. And of course in this world of duality one thing can be true and the opposite thing can be true at the same time. That’s why we have a left and a right brain. We can keep on thinking, but because of the fact opposite things can be true at the same time we will never have a final answer. That’s why Einstein said:


As long as we stay in this world of duality, individually or collectively,
we will never progress.

It’s like running in a hamster wheel, or like Eckhart Tolle says: like put our foot on the accelerator without shifting gear. We get very tired and thinking we are going ‘somewhere’, but by looking better we don’t progress at all. We only get tired. And the engine will fail in the end.


So what is the solution ? Let me think about that ;). According to Einstein we have to go beyond thinking and by looking at the quote of Mother Teresa we go from the mind to the heart. And it’s literally not a long journey, but freeing ourselves of endless thinking isn’t easy. But the heart really ‘knows’. And that’s called intuïtion. That’s why most of the time there is a difference between thinking and feeling. We have learned a lot of things (conditioning) and so by using our minds we ‘think’ that’s the best way, but most of the time our hearts don’t agree. This is a time where we can let go of the endless thinking and trust our heart / intuïtion.

We also have entered the age of Aquarius and have left the age of Pisces behind. During the age of Pisces there was a lot of competition and that’s why the two pisces standing opposite eachother in the sign. Like the two parts of the brain fighting eachother and so there will never be balance, but only confusion. The age of Aquarius is already here and there is only one man to see in the sign: the water bearer.


And the archetypal water refers to feelings and emotions. We can endlessly think about the past and the future, but they are only thoughts in our minds. We can regret things we have done in the past and at the same time worry about the future, but it’s better to look at our emotions and feelings in the now, without looking the other way. We can heal ourselves by letting our feelings / emotions be there and face them so they will dissapear. It’s like trying to put balls under water and it will cost you a lot of energy. And in the end you have to let go of the balls and they will naturally free themselves. So why not face them right now and being in control instead of waiting for the bom to explode.

But it’s a process we all have to go through ourselves and we can’t save the world or change other people. That’s why Gandhi said:


It feels like being selfish, but that’s part of conditioning too. If we all work on ourselves we don’t have to put others down to feel good about ourselves. Putting others down is something of the ego and is a temporarily solution. Something of the old world. If we keep projecting our stuff we still have to work on, we only make things worse in the long run.


We still have brains and we don’t have to get rid of the ego. But instead of the brains / ego running our lives we have to be in control of our minds / ego. Otherwise life will be one damn thing after another as Churchill said. We have to rise above and literally we have to go down, from the mind to the heart.

What do you think ?

A nice video about breaking free featuring Bashar, Abraham Hicks and Dr. Wayne Dyer. Bashar: “They have taught us what’s on top is the best, instead of what’s in the center”

One Comment
  1. ger permalink

    Hi Martijn,

    a very good article. Getting rid of the ego is not my stance….ego to me is survival mode….it dragged me through life and helped me to where I was some time ago…untill ego’s role was shown to me….and then there is only compassion for the ego… was the only ” survival mode ” to operate in a totally brainwashed and insane world, believing in a big fat lie… why getting rid of something, that helped you survive…..maybe even saved your ass ( ubknowingly ) many times…..

    Ego took over when you were ” shut down ”……matrix software was installed, targetting the heart….the rest you can fill in.

    In my case ego found her ” home base ” and for the first time ever, connected intimately with the heart….deep, deep compassion…..and now the heart has found her right place……………. on the throne……where it belongs……..and ego is now her first servant…….her right place…..and both finally indulge in each others company…….Ego is now the ” tourguide ” to her Majesty the Heart…(hihihihi)

    So why separate two lovers……ego only wants to be seen/unveilled as your doorway to your heart…..ego only wants to serve LOVE/GOD…… ( everything is God, everything serves God )
    Seeing this from ” love’s perspective ”……: a divine perfect plan….

    That is why, getting rid of the ego to me is a misunderstood /misinterpreted concept/belief….
    Trying to get rid of your ego is a fight you NEVER win……..because it is simply impossible……

    So love your ego……and have fun……it is JUST a game…..a virtual reality illusion…..

    YOU play the Game……..the game is not playing you……only if you let it….

    Have a ” perfect ” week.end, Ger.

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